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The Naked Man - Beard Oil

A man who knows and appreciates his own true scent. No fuss, bells or whistles. A simple and efficient approach to Man Care.

Our Badass Beard oil transforms rogue, coarse hair into a soft and manageable masterpiece. Camellia and Jojoba oils replenish moisture and subdue the itch of new growth. Non-greasy formula. 

Put 5-8 drops on palm of hand and massage into beard and face. For perfect distribution, brush beard oil through with a Boar Bristle Brush.

Fact: Touching another man's beard is grounds for duel. 

Camellia Seed oil, Jojoba oil, Vanilla Safflower oil, non-GMO Vitamin E, Rosemary Extract.

Your Beard does no have Poop in it. 

...that claimed beards are unsanitary and probably contain vast amounts of ‘poop-particles’? Yes, that really happened. And yes, it has obviously been debunked. But … --> MoreYour Beard does not have Poop in it.

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