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Underarm Rehab Kit

Want to make a change in the old 'armpit department'? Or are you having challenges finding a natural and EFFECTIVE antiperspirant alternative?!...UNDERARM REHAB to the Rescue!!!!

Underarm Rehab is a natural system to help detoxify your body from synthetic/biological debris (left behind from the use of conventional antiperspirants) and to help underarms re-regulate towards un-disrupted bodily function.

Sometimes natural deodorants can't work simply because they are too clogged with synthetic buildup and biological debris, and our body just needs to slough out all that junk so it can re-balance and start working properly again. Underarm Rehab to the rescue! 

Kit includes:

* Detoxifying mask powder 
* Tea tree oil astringent
* Pit Stop deodorant
* All natural Louffa
* Soft cotton cosmetic pads


Underarm Rehab - What is the world is THAT?!

One reason that some natural deodorants don’t work immediately is that our underarm pores are packed full of chemical and toxic buildup left over from the use of mainstream antiperspirants/deodorants. Your body needs to slough out all that junk before it can rebalance and start working properly again. Underarm Rehab to the rescue!… More: https://redlemonblog.com/2016/04/28/underarm-rehab-what-in-the-world-is-that/

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